Flower Care Tips



You have just received your bouquet of flowers and want to enjoy it as long as possible. If you do not take care of it, your flowers will fade after just few days, but if you spend a little time taking care of them you can double their vase life and enjoy their glow every day.


Cut the stems and remove their leaves

·         Upon receiving your bouquet, remove the packaging surrounding your bouquet and the wet tissue covering the stems.

·         Cut each stem at an angle by an inch or two. The reason behind is that all our bouquets are already cut and prepared by our florist and safely packed before transport, but the flowers can be tired during transport. By cutting the stems, you allow them to drink water quickly and get their freshness swiftly.

·         When cutting the stems use a sharp scissor so the cuts are straight without squashing the stems.

·         Repeat this process every two to three days so the flowers stay nice and fresh and their vase life increased.


Display in the vase

·         Once all stems cut, choose the right vase to display your flowers, for example the height of your vase should be half of the height of your stems and a vase wide enough to contain all your stems will also increase your stems life.

·         Add the flower food provided in the vase and fill it with fresh clean water. Before displaying make sure to remove all leaves from the bottom of each stem so the leaves do not stay in the water which will keep your water clean.

·         Make sure to change the water and clean your vase every two to three days to increase your flowers vase life.


Choose the right place

·         Choosing the right place to keep your flowers, this will help them to blossom and stay healthy. Avoid exposing them directly under sun light, keep them away from chiminea, radiator and window.

·         Keeping your flowers close to a place of heat can subsequently damage them and shorten their vase life.

·         Keep the flowers at room temperature.


Each Bouquet is Unique.

Your gift will be individually crafted with finely selected stems and beautifully hand tied in your chosen colour.

Flowers will arrive in buds to maximise their vase life. Please cut the end of the stems and put them in a clean vase with fresh water and flower food that we have provided. They will soon start blooming gorgeously.