All You Need to Know About the Most Expensive Flowers

Most Expensive Flowers

You might be wondering, why do people buy the most expensive flowers? Yes, many people love to invest in beautiful flowers, and they not only look beautiful but there is a refreshing quality about most of these flowers.

One of the primary reasons people are so crazy about the most expensive flowers is that these flowers are hard to find. The flowers look stunning, and, in most cases, they are even prettier than expensive ornaments.

If you are wondering which the most expensive flowers in the market are, then we have got the best mentions in this genre. These flowers are like prized possessions, and if you love gifting beautiful flowers to your people, these should certainly be on your list.

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Some of the most expensive flowers which look extremely stunning include the following:

• Juliet Rose

As beautiful as the name sounds, this variant of rose is very difficult to find and hence is regarded as one of the most expensive flowers. It is said that it took almost fifteen years for the rose cultivator to breed this particular variant. The Juliet Rose comes in an orange hue and is certainly the most expensive flowers variant in the rose industry. It was first showcased in the Chelsea flower show and since then has been priced at 5 million dollars for one rose. Royal ,right?

• Lisianthus

As exquisite as the name sounds, a bunch of lisianthuses is the hardest to procure, and it looks extremely beautiful when put together in a bouquet. This specific flower variant comes in various colours like blue, lavender, white and even a lilac It is believed that the flower can survive for quite a few weeks after being cut off from the stem directly. It continues to be fresh and looks very beautiful when you keep it in a flower vase at your home. And this undoubtedly makes them among the most expensive flowers.

• Saffron Crocus

The Saffron Crocus is certainly a very beautiful flower and among the top list of the most expensive flowers. These flowers are very hard to procure your original saffron flowers. It is usually the flower from which the saffron strands are extracted, and hence it is so expensive. The saffron spice is used widely across many continents because of its rich colour and the taste that it extends to the dish itself.

• Orchids

It is hard to talk about the most expensive flowers and not mention the pocket variant. As most flower lovers would know, there are major variants of orchids worldwide that are expensive, and they look exquisite as well. Not only for decoration purposes, we often see that brides and bridesmaids use orchids to make their hair ties look more beautiful. There is something defined about an orchid that makes it look so beautiful and certainly among the most expensive flowers. Orchid stands to come in many variances, and most of them are expensive.

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